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ViP622 DVR
The ViP622 DVR™ is cutting-edge TV sophistication with a digital video recorder and high-definition receiver that supports two TVs. It’s another example of DISH Network setting the standard for better TV.
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ViP211 Receiver
The ViP211 ™ receiver features one tuner for veiwng DishHD programming on one television.
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DishHD  Learn About HD

High Def. HD. High-Definition. HDTV.
There are many ways to say it, but it means just one thing: high-definition TV is better TV. To get the full impact of HD and see it the way it's meant to be seen, you need the following 3 'must-haves':

1. High-Definition Television

HDTV For true HD, you need an HD television set, engineered specifically to receive - and deliver - a high-definition picture that is deeper, clearer and more life-like than with standard definition. HDTVs are available in consumer electronics stores and have never been more affordable.

2. DishHD Programming

HDTV Programming Add entertainment made just for the HD experience. DishHD has the greatest quantity and variety of HD content and offers the industry's most extensive HD line-up - providing twice as many national HD channels as any other provider. Go!.

3. DishHD Receiver

HDTV receiver Bring it all home with a receiver designed specifically for HD. Make the experience even better with a model that includes a built-in DVR (digital video recorder) to pause live TV and record your favorite shows in high definition. Learn More.


DISH Network offers a variety of high definition television channels such as theater-quality movie channels, educational and nature programming, pay per view HDTV satellite movies, and HDTV satellite broadcasts of special events, including concerts, boxing matches and professional sporting events.

SatHookup makes it easy to receive high definition satellite television from dish network with DISHHD™ Entertainment Packages which includes ESPN HD, Discovery HD Theater™, TNT in HD, HDNet and HDNet Movies all for one low monthly price.

If you order now, we will throw in a HD receiver - absolutely free!


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