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Our customers have often asked:

* Are dish network installations really free?

* Do I need a credit card to get dish network?

* What chanels come with dish network through

* Do I have to choose my programing right now?

* Can I substitute channels in my basic package?

* How many receivers/tvs can I get hooked up?

* Is there adult programing?

* Do you cary the WB and UPN networks?

* Our home owner association/ apartment doesn't allow satellite dishes!

* My cable bill is so expensive! Can save me money with Dish Network Satellite TV?

* I broke my satellite tv remote. Can I buy a new one?

* Can I get NFL coverage on dish network?

How do I hook up my VCR to my satellite receiver?

* Dolby Surround vs. Dolby Digital

* What is covered on the dish network receivers?

* Can dish network be installed in my motorhome, RV, or tractor trailer?

* How to activate the Adult Guard (Parental System Locks)

* Can I get dish if I live in an apartment or condo?

* International programing availability:

Will I get an HDTV signal with dish network?

* Do I need a cable ready tv?

* What if I move before my 18 month commitment is up?

* I am a previous dish network customer. Can I still get the current satellite deal?


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